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1.  The publication MUST be non profit.  That is, there is NOTHING charged for the publication.  This restriction does not apply for bonafied amateur radio organization's dues.

​2.  The copyright notice MUST be maintained.

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​Please note that all files are in PDF format.

Lightning Protection and Radio Frequency Grounding

To use with various graphics programs, it may be desired to utilize GIF or JPEG files instead of the PDF files which are available from this website.  If those files are needed, request which files are needed from the following E-Mail address:  k9sth@sbcglobal.net.

Again, state which QSL card design is to be used.  It may take a few days before the file is sent.  Therefore, please be patient.

Additional articles will be added from time to time

​Check this website on a regular basis to see what is added.

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​"Boat Anchor" Cabinet Paint Formulas

Heathkit Radio Equipment

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"Olde Tyme" QSL Card Designs

The following are templates for printing QSL card designs from the 1950s and 1960s.  The artwork files can be downloaded and then modified using any number of graphics programs.  Where specific colors are used, the graphics formulas for those colors are indicated.